We are Launch Control Productions founded by John Baker and Leif Heimbold. Together we have created a team of visual communicators, producers, directors, cinematographers, and editors with 25 years of experience specializing in high technology and engineering subject matter video production.

We have covered Titan, Atlas, Delta, Athena, The Space Shuttle Program...We have covered just about everything that launches into space from the United States!

We have used Canon, Sony, Panasonic, Ikegami, Black Magic Design, GoPro, and Vision Research imaging products and specialize in 4K.

We are excited to currently be using Canon cameras and lenses as they give us excellent flexibility in the field and in the studio.

John Baker Bio:

John Baker began his career filming skiers on the slopes of Aspen, Colorado. With a passion for fast-paced adventure properly honed, John moved into the television industry where he produced a variety of commercial, documentary, sports, and reality based programs for multiple Fortune 500 companies.

John's projects took him from the Indianapolis 500; to the Kentucky Derby; to the crazy roads of the Baja 1000 working for Aspen based, Freewheelin' Films. Stints in both San Francisco and Los Angeles included documentaries with former Miss America winners and Olympic ice skaters under the stars with Wayne Newton in Las Vegas!

When the space program beckoned, he answered the call. After a 19 year career as a senior producer/director at Lockheed Martin Space Systems covering over 90 rocket launches including NASA missions to Mars, critical U.S. Air Force and DoD missions and whatever else appeared on the final frontier, John left Lockheed Martin and created John Baker Productions. John is excited to pursue his next chapter with Leif Heimbold as they liftoff with Launch Control Productions the covering aerospace, automotive, sports and travel and the from his base in Denver, Colorado.

Leif Heimbold Bio:

Leif LOVES rockets and space.  Always has.  His dream came true when he moved to Colorado from Connecticut and started working for Lockheed Martin Astronautics as a director, producer, cinematographer and editor with John Baker 20 years ago.  Since then he has started his own production company, 44 North Productions and recently spent a couple years working for NASA KSC-TV at Kennedy Space Center.  Leif has never been to far away from rockets and space and is thrilled to work with John Baker on Launch Control Productions.

The two have had always embraced new storytelling technologies and jumped on HD and 4K when they first were introduced.  Now they are working on 8K together!  Leif has explored 360 video production as well and it's potential for capturing rocket launches for virtual environments and planetariums.  He co-produced the world's first 360 rocket launch with ULA.

Leif is very happy climbing things including towers at launch sites to mount cameras and the mast on his sailboat when he is not working in the space program.